The Ceremony

Those we love remain in our hearts for ever

When we mourn the loss of a loved one, we often focus on memories of that person. The things that made us smile about them, their personality traits, how they made us feel, milestone events, even funny stories, and, of course, we focus on how life will be without them.

The funeral ceremony is a celebration of life, and yes, a chance to mourn, but also an opportunity to remember the life of the deceased, and the love and memories they have left behind in the hearts of those in attendance.

Each ceremony is therefore unique and will reflect the life and personality of your loved one. The ceremony will be delivered in a sincere and dignified manner, and in line with your wishes, and how you believe your loved one would have wanted.

Sometimes, depending on the life of the person whom we are celebrating, there may be room for a little humour, religious elements, readings, music, and perhaps family traditions, all carried out with dignity and respect.

You and your family make all the decisions as to the ceremony content, my role is to craft your wishes all together into something memorable and personal.

Getting Started

I shall meet with you, and family members, to learn about the life of your loved one, and how you would like that life to be celebrated. I shall spend as much time as needed to discuss the Ceremony with you, and ensure I have a true understanding of the person we are honouring, and how you would like the ceremony to be, on the day.

I can be as involved as you would like me to and will create a ceremony befitting your loved one. I can write and deliver a eulogy or assist a family member to write and deliver the eulogy on the day. Emotions can sometimes take over on the day, but rest assured, I shall be on hand to step in at any time, if needed.

The benefit of an Independent Funeral Celebrant is that the ceremony can be personalised to reflect the life of your loved one. We are able to include religious elements to the degree you feel your loved one would have wanted, as, this is a unique ceremony tailored to the life, personality and beliefs of the deceased.
You will have a chance to look over the proposed ceremony script and make amendments if you wish, and will always have final approval.

For as long as we have memories, we are never truly alone.

The Details

A Funeral is not a Day in a Lifetime, it is a Lifetime in a Day

There are many elements which can be incorporated into a funeral ceremony.

If you wish, I can recommend readings, poems or music. You may want to involve members of your family in the ceremony, and I shall ensure they have my support on the day. Maybe there is a family tradition you would like to include? As mentioned each ceremony is unique and I shall ensure it contains all the elements you wish for.

I will liaise with your chosen Funeral Director, to ensure everything is as you wish on the day. At the crematorium or cemetery I shall be there to meet you, and officiate the service, and support if or as required.

It may be that you are planning your own Celebration of Life. If this is the case, I would be happy to meet with you, and discuss your requirements for your Ceremony, and work with you to create your unique and personal Celebration of Life.

Contact me to discuss your requirements

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